Terri Williams

Terri Williams

Business/education/lifestyle writer

Terri has an extensive and versatile writing portfolio. Her clients include USA Today, Yahoo!, U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, The Economist, The San Francisco Chronicle, and GoodCall.

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Professors inventor article

Professors Who Invent Attract Engineering Students - Here's Why

Exclusive with Dartmouth University's Dean Joseph Helble, Brown University’s Dean Larry Larson & Yale University’s Dean Kyle Vanderlick . . .

Surgeons article

Are Women Surgeons Better Than Their Male Counterparts?

Surgeons from Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, University of Arizona, and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh weigh in.

Northeastern article

Northeastern, Tufts, and Sweet Briar Work to Close STEM Gender Gap

GoodCall spoke with deans and program directors at three schools about their efforts to achieve gender parity . . .

Kids code2 article

Teaching Kids to Code: Good or Bad?

Coding is an essential skill in the 21st Century. But what are the pros and cons of teaching kids . . .

Screen shot 2016 07 09 at 1.31.02 am article

That Trendy Resume Could Cost You the Job - Even in Creative Industries

Some job hunters may try to stand out from the crowded field of applicants by submitting . . .

Screen shot 2016 01 21 at 11.14.37 pm article

It's Cheaper For College Students to Live At Home. So Why Aren't They?

For college students, living at home has always been one way to save substantially on room and board, meals . . .